Carpets and Asthma

Carpets and Asthma:

Carpets and Asthma: this is a debate that has been ongoing for some time. The big question is whether asthma sufferers should have carpets in their home. In this article we delve into this debate and break down some of the core concerns and arguments. This is by no means a medical review or advice, but purely a critical review of the carpets and asthma discussion.

Reducing Exposure to Asthma Triggers

Reducing exposure to asthma triggers is a vital step in managing the condition. Let’s face it, carpet is often viewed as the perfect home for many allergens that can trigger asthma or worsen the condition. As a result, some asthma sufferers choose not to have carpeting in the home and choose hardwood, laminate or engineered flooring instead. While hard-surface flooring such as wood is easier to keep clean and free of dust mites, it might not be the silver bullet answer that asthma sufferers are looking for. Synthetic wood flooring release gases (volatile organic compounds) that can also impact asthma sufferers negatively. While most synthetic floors will stop releasing these gases over time, it cannot be avoided completely.

Keeping your options open

The fact remains that the most common cause of asthma is a sensitivity to dust or dust mites. The good news is that this sensitivity does not mean that asthmatics have to avoid the comfort and luxury of carpeting in their home. Take wool carpets for example. Wood carpets provide a hostile environment for dust mites. So provided they are cleaned thoroughly and often, wool carpets are a perfect option. Carpet made from alternative fabric is also an option for asthmatics but only when there is a strong emphasis on cleaning.

Opt for deep cleaning

Regardless of whether you suffer from asthma or not, you should take care in terms of cleaning your carpets on a regular basis. A regular deep clean will really help. Regular vacuuming is a must but domestic hoovers often lack the power to deliver a truly deep clean. Professional carpet cleaning provides an ideal solution. Indeed for asthma sufferers, steam cleaning carpet on a regular basis can help reduce the presence of dust mites and other allergens.

If you are an asthma sufferer who enjoy the comfort of carpeting in the home, talk to one of our Aqua—Dry cleaning team today about the optimum cleaning regime for your carpets. Call our team on 01-8400799.



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