After 12 Years and Two Million Patrons, How the NCH Carpet Looks so Good!

12 years and 2 million patrons later, how does the Concert Hall Carpet look so good?

In my last post I went through a few of the important elements of a good carpet cleaning maintenance programme. There are of course many other considerations such as the location of the premises, office, etc., the type of carpeting (tiles or broadloom) and the purpose or use of the building.

One of our major clients is the National Concert Hall, for whom we have been cleaning carpets and upholstery for over 12 years now. This year alone 350,000 people attended events at the Concert Hall. I’m not sure that the same number of people have attended every year in the past 12 years but a conservative estimate would be that 2 million people have walked on these carpets in that time.

Look at the results for yourself:

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Carpet Cleaning Dublin - National Concert Hall

Best Carpet Cleaning Dublin - National Concert Hall Dublin

How is it possible that they still look so good?

There are a number of factors:

  • Excellent quality carpets
  • Scotchgard Protector
  • Frequent Maintenance visits
  • Regular Vacuuming

Good Quality Carpet in the Places that Matter

The better quality the carpet, the better the appearance if maintained properly. One mistake that companies often make is compromising on quality at the outset. It is usually a false economy. The quality does not have to be the same throughout the building. Where there is less traffic, a lesser quality carpet very often is sufficient. So a good way to put your best foot forward in an economical way is to put the best carpet you can afford in the areas of highest use.

Scotchgard Protector

The best time to apply a scotchgard protector is when the carpet is newly installed. Although not bullet proof, the protector works to help prevents spillages from becoming stains and to make daily maintenance easier.

In the example of the Concert Hall, we have reapplied the protector after every clean. This is a great help in maintaining the appearance of the carpet in between cleans.

Frequent Maintenance

Frequent maintenance means that spillages are not left so long that they become impossible to remove. Even with Scotchgard Protector, the carpets need regular attention.

The longer a stain is left, the more likely it is to become permanent. The number of visits required depends on the volume of traffic on the carpet and on other considerations such as whether or not food is being served or consumed in the area.

Regular Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming in between professional cleans helps greatly to maintain the carpet’s appearance. We recommend a beater bar vacuum cleaner which will do an excellent job of lifting soil and dust from the carpet. This will reduce damage to the carpet caused by friction of dust, grit, and general soiling. The Concert Hall’s own cleaning staff do a great job in this regard.

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Rachael kummert
Rachael kummert
12:39 30 May 18
We recently purchased a new sofa and wanted to protect it from any potential spills. I rang Aqua-Dry, the very helpful Hannah explained the process and cost structure and was able to book me in the next day. I would highly recommend the excellent professional services of Aqua-Dry. The coating is applied there were no strong smells and no disruption. They are helpful, efficient and very courteous. The company comes recommended by both Frank McGowan Furniture and Arnotts Department Store and us! Thank you Tom!
Samaanth Moore
Samaanth Moore
12:48 20 Apr 18
I had a bit of a crisis involving spilled paint on carpet. Aqua-Dry Carpet Cleaners came to my rescue! They were finishing a job nearby and were able to get to me within a half hour. They told me to keep the carpet wet while I waited for them to arrive. When they got here they got to work right away and they were able to get all the paint up! After they left they called and told me to watch out for any paint that may come up from the concrete and to call if I noticed anything and they will come back out. I'm really impressed at how quickly they responded to my call and how professional they were. The price was extremely affordable. I would use them again in a heartbeat and would recommend them to anyone needing their carpets cleaned.
Claire Hayden
Claire Hayden
08:59 14 Mar 18
I just had my carpets cleaned and I can't believe how amazing they came out. Aqua-Dry Carpet Cleaners were fast, courteous and professional. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company. AND it was super affordable. I won't use anyone but Aqua-Dry Carpet Cleaners
Melanie John
Melanie John
12:11 26 Feb 18
I have used many different companies, primarily because I never found one worth to have back. The others weren't bad, they just didn't give me a reason to hire them again. Not the case here. Aqua-Dry Carpet Cleaners could not be more professional. Arrived on-time and did a fantastic job! My carpets were clean fresh and looked like new.
Anastasia Melnicova
Anastasia Melnicova
06:23 02 Feb 18
I was delighted with Aqua-Dry services. What a great work they did on my rug. I am thrilled to see the refreshed, totally clean and looking like new rug. Although it takes quite a long time to get your item back and it is not a cheap service, it totally worth waiting and paying. I would definitely recommend Aqua-Dry and will be using them again.
Timmy Doherty
Timmy Doherty
14:22 14 Jul 17
Best carpet cleaner in Dublin! Very honest, reliable and professional
Una OShea
Una OShea
15:27 10 Jul 17
Just had Tom and his son cleaning my carpets. What a terrific job they did, they told me I had moths in my sitting room eating merrily away at my carpet but were very reassuring that they could deal efficiently with the problem and advised me how to avoid it in the future. My carpets came up like new especially the stairs which is down for about 14 years. I would highly recommend Aqua-Dry and will certainly use them exclusively in the future. Thanks a million
Meg Walker
Meg Walker
10:53 05 Jul 17
Delighted with our rugs! We've just moved back into our house after three long months out for repairs and wanted to make the most of this opportunity by freshening everything up. Aqua-Dry took away all our rugs for cleaning and stored them for us until we got back and they were like new on return. We have a few Oriental rugs which need to be cleaned by hand and I don't trust these to just anyone. Thank you for a very professional service and for going that extra mile.
cora mc closkey
cora mc closkey
12:59 10 Nov 16
After a bug passing through the house I needed the carpetes cleaned. Aqua dry were quick to respond. Tony did a super job on the bedroom carpets and a few spots along the way. He was prompt, efficient, friendly and a pleasure to have around. Will defiantly be calling on aqua dry again. Thanks guys.
Paul Caron
Paul Caron
16:04 30 Aug 16
I honestly couldn't be happier with the service. Tom collected and returned the rug when he said he would and it came back looking so much better. We got it cleaned because our cat had peed on it a few times last year but I didn't realise how much everyday dust and dirt had built up in it over 10 years even though it's vacuumed every week. It came back looking noticeably brighter and the wool had its lovely lustre back. The pile was also fuller and softer. I hadn't appreciated how flattened down it had become. I'll definitely be recommending Aqua-Dry to anyone I know who needs their rug cleaned.
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