“COMPLAINTS, WE DON’T GET ANY” – said no company ever!

“COMPLAINTS, WE DON’T GET ANY” – said no company ever

The last Company that never had a complaint never actually got started.

So of course we get the occasional complaint. Everyone does.

How you deal with complaints is a measure of the company

How should complaints be viewed? It’s negative that you got a complaint but positive in that you can usually fix it. Sometimes it does not even start out as a complaint. Only yesterday a good customer rang looking for help. Because of the bad weather her home had been saturated. Her suite got wet and she wanted to know how to save it.

We explained to her that if possible she should put the loose covers in a washing machine at a low temperature. In this way the whole fabric would be completely washed and then dry out evenly. This would stop water marks on the fabric.

She thanked us and remarked she has had her carpets cleaned about 10 weeks ago. Naturally I was curious to know how the carpets looked. She explained that a stain which was originally caused by a bottle of shampoo leaking from her shopping bag had reappeared. So her carpet, which had been cleaned only 10 weeks ago, had a stain which she thought had been removed. Now remember she was only ringing for advice about her couch.

Opportunity to delight the customer

I began to explain to her that next time she was having that carpet cleaned she should mention the problem. I was about to tell her how we could solve the problem in the future when I thought …..“Why did we not solve it 10 weeks ago?”

Even though the stain wasn’t the reason she was calling, we had an opportunity to go back out there and try and better the result. I arranged with her for us to pop out and sort the problem at no charge to her of course.

How a company deals with a complaint tells you more about them than anything else. Most people don’t want to complain and when they do, they just want the problem solved or at least addressed. Sometimes a complaint can help a company to improve its service.

At Aqua-Dry we check in with you within a week of the job being done to check that you are satisfied with the service. We would much rather deal with a complaint than have a customer dissatisfied with our service.

100% Money Back Guarantee – No Quibbles

The proof of your 100% Money Back Guarantee is when it is put to the test.

Looking for great customer service and an excellent carpet and upholstery cleaning company? Call Hannah on 01-8400799 or email info@aqua-dry.com

Meg Walker
Meg Walker
10:53 05 Jul 17
Delighted with our rugs! We've just moved back into our house after three long months out for repairs and wanted to make the most of this opportunity by freshening everything up. Aqua-Dry took away all our rugs for cleaning and stored them for us until we got back and they were like new on return. We have a few Oriental rugs which need to be cleaned by hand and I don't trust these to just anyone. Thank you for a very professional service and for going that extra mile.
Una OShea
Una OShea
15:27 10 Jul 17
Just had Tom and his son cleaning my carpets. What a terrific job they did, they told me I had moths in my sitting room eating merrily away at my carpet but were very reassuring that they could deal efficiently with the problem and advised me how to avoid it in the future. My carpets came up like new especially the stairs which is down for about 14 years. I would highly recommend Aqua-Dry and will certainly use them exclusively in the future. Thanks a million
Timmy Doherty
Timmy Doherty
14:22 14 Jul 17
Best carpet cleaner in Dublin! Very honest, reliable and professional
cora mc closkey
cora mc closkey
12:59 10 Nov 16
After a bug passing through the house I needed the carpetes cleaned. Aqua dry were quick to respond. Tony did a super job on the bedroom carpets and a few spots along the way. He was prompt, efficient, friendly and a pleasure to have around. Will defiantly be calling on aqua dry again. Thanks guys.
Paul Caron
Paul Caron
16:04 30 Aug 16
I honestly couldn't be happier with the service. Tom collected and returned the rug when he said he would and it came back looking so much better. We got it cleaned because our cat had peed on it a few times last year but I didn't realise how much everyday dust and dirt had built up in it over 10 years even though it's vacuumed every week. It came back looking noticeably brighter and the wool had its lovely lustre back. The pile was also fuller and softer. I hadn't appreciated how flattened down it had become. I'll definitely be recommending Aqua-Dry to anyone I know who needs their rug cleaned.
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